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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a system but it was installed by another company, can you monitor it?
If you already own a system and would like to have it monitored by Jernigan Security Alarms, please contact us . We routinely replace systems installed by other companies. If you have an existing monitoring contract with another company, just let us know when it expires. We may only replace your system at the end of your contract period.

If my system communicates over a land line, such as AT&T or Suddenlink, what happens if my phone lines are cut?
If your phone lines are cut and your system does not have cell back-up there will be no means for your system to communicate. We can install a cell unit as a means of backup or as your primary communication line.

I’ve had a system for years and it has never been monitored, why should I have my system monitored?
An unmonitored system will only activate a siren on the premises. Having your system monitored ensure you and your contacts will be notified in the case of an alarm along with the proper authorities.

What is the difference between smoke detectors that electricians install and those connected through a security system?
Smoke detectors installed by an electrician are local and have no means of notifying the fire department.They only work as long as the batteries are charged and they merely make a noise when smoke is detected. This works only if someone is home and can ‘hear’ the detector. Our smoke detectors are connected by wiring through the security system so that when smoke is detected, a signal is sent to the central station. This is a major benefit when there is no one home to ‘hear’ the unmonitored detector. Our smoke detectors are on 24/7 even when your system is in ‘disarm’ mode.

How do I know if my system will work when I need it?
We recommend that our customers test their system monthly. Please call our office for testing. You can contact us at (870) 972-9177.