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Home Security

Protecting the things most important to you can finally be worry-free! We’ve simplified the task of knowing your family and property is safe by adding an additional layer of security with central station operatives, who monitor and respond to events transmitted by your home security system.

Home Security

With technology brought to our fingertips our lifestyles have changed. Why should your security system be any different? Jernigan Security Alarms is a Total Connect Provider which means we can offer the highest quality equipment in our systems. While incorporating any type of protection design to fit your security needs and budget, we can also bring your security system into the palm of your hand while still allowing keypad control.

Our Home Security Services Include:

  • Total Connect Provider
  • VOIP (voice over internet protocol)
  • Burglary Systems
  • Medical Alerts
  • Fire/Life Safety Systems
  • Central Station Monitoring Services

Wireless Security Communication
Many homeowners rely on digital phone service or VoIP, voice over IP, phone service and some have no home phone at all. Don’t worry! All of our systems are compatible with wireless cellular communication.