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Monitoring Services

Power Failure? Jernigan Security Alarms has you covered with backup power supply on your security alarm system. Our central station also has generator backups and system redundancy so your security data is always available with no down time.

Emergency Monitoring. Central Station.
Our UL Listed Monitoring facilities have the latest in modern technology to make sure that we’re ready for the emergency signals your systems will send. Not only do we have the latest in computer automation equipment, but these systems have hot redundancy, meaning they are backed up by a fully operational computer system in the event our main system should malfunction.


Security & Alarm Monitoring Features

  • 24 Hour Central Station Signaling
  • Live Professional Operators

Security & Alarm Monitoring Applications

  • Burglary
  • Fire
  • Panic/Hold-Up
  • Silent Duress
  • Medical
  • Supervised Openings/Closing